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The NAFA Nourishes Project

Our project enriches the nutritional status of unparented children living in care centers throughout the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. We work to treat both malnutrition and malabsorption, while providing the children with one on one care and an educational program that will benefit them for years to come. What's different about us? We are not an aid organization; we are a sustainability project. Our hands-on method providing training to both the children and the staff ensures the betterment of the lives of the most vulnerable members of this amazing country. We custom plan sustainability projects for each home we partner with, leaving them with the resources and skills to further improve their lives. Take a look around and see what we do!    


The Method

The NAFANourishes Method works to treat malnutrition, raising the children's overall health and nutritional status, while simultaneously working with the homes so they can independently maintain their children's health and well being.


Plumpy'Sup Treatment & Multivitamins

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"NAFA has really given a new life and happiness to the children in need in Nepal."

— Liladhar Bhandari, President, DOCs Foundation Nepal 


Kitchen Gardening & Meal Planning

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Why Nepal, you ask?

"If Nepal doesn't bring a smile to your face every single day, you're a lost cause my friend." - Jack Witts

There are so many reasons we have chosen to work in Nepal. It is truly a place like no other. The NAFANourishes Project is an umbrella partner of a larger NGO: The Nepal Adoptive Families Association and they care about Nepal - a lot.

Two, there is so much need in Nepal, particularly in relation to children. An estimated 16,000 kids grow up in institutional care* in the country; 400,000 Nepalese children are malnourished.** Combine those two statistics and the results are heartbreaking. The point of this project is to give these kids who have lost already so much something no one could take away. Proper nutrition affects everything from daily living and beyond to future generations. 
**World Health Organization 

Third? Well, because Nepal is a pretty cool place - we have more cows than people, more temples than houses and more festivals than days in the year. What's not to love?

Chicken & Cow Farming

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We’re growing too!

We would be nowhere without our partners; they give us the support we need to make this project what it is!


But! Life is all about change, Our goal is to evolve our project and expand beyond what already we do - so we can do more. Ideas ebb and flow and our teams have learned to work together to best serve the children in our NAFANourishes community.

Upcoming Projects

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The Team

The NAFANourishes Project was developed and created by a group of adoptive families with children from Nepal. They shared a mutual vision of creating a better future for the children left behind in the care centers where their kids once lived. 

So what happens when a psychologist, a social worker, a public health activist and three nurses walk into a ... health food store? Well, you get NAFANourishes!