Meet our Family!


The Nepal Adoptive Families Association

Better know as NAFA, this is the group that created us. They worked endlessly to develop a program that meets all of our mutual needs. We are happy to call them our home base.


Partnership for Sustainable Development Nepal

Better known as PSDNepal; their office is where NAFA calls home in Nepal. With their support we are able to achieve one of our biggest missions: creating an organization that is operated and overseen by local staff! At NAFANourishes we set our to hire local for whatever programs come our way; whether it be our full time nurses or project based gardeners and with the support of PSD and our partnership, this has been one of the greatest aspects of our program.


Helping Hands Health Education

We have phenomenal nurses and we care a lot, but sometimes we see cases that are beyond our scope. That is why our partnership with Helping Hands is so important. They step in when we meet a child who needs medical care beyond what we can provide, be it life threatening malnutrition or a broken bone, Helping Hands is always there when need them.

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Wine to Water

Wine To Water is committed to support life and dignity for all through the power of clean water. Based out of North Carolina, US, Wine to Water is our amazing water partner. They help provide for each our homes enough filters all the kids we are working with.

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