Are you an adoption agency?

While we certainly care about adoption and will do all in our power to see that adoptions from Nepal are conducted in a legal, ethical and transparent manner, the short answer is no. We are not.

For questions about adoption from Nepal, please contact Frank Adoption Center: www.frankadopt.org 

How much of my donation is really going to Nepal?

100% of your donation goes to sustaining NAFA Nourishes using the best practices. We try our hardest to keep all administration fees as low as possible so the impact of your gift is a direct benefit to the children we serve. An average of 82 cents on your dollar donation goes directly to Nepal.

Do you accept volunteers?

If you are hoping to volunteer in Nepal, that is likely not something we can use you for. Unless you have a health care license with a code of ethical conduct (social work, RN, MD, psychology, dentistry, etc). We don't allow volunteers to work with the children. We guard the privacy and safety of our kids closely and have spent a lot of time learning how the effects of 'revolving door volunteers' can be harmful to their health and well being. If you're an entertainer or offer other "one visit" services we can certainly something up and you can visit the kids with our nursing team. If you would like to talk about this more, please contact Mary Beth King at mbk@nepalafa.org. 

We are currently building a volunteer program, Active Citizens, keep checking back for information

I want to help, but I am low on cash?

That's okay! Help us by organizing a fund raiser (and we're happy to share some ideas of what has worked for us in the past), by telling others about NAFA, by offering to go speak at a community event, or even by reaching out to us with thoughts and suggestions.

Are you a religious organization?

We are not. The children and staff of our program come a wide variety of backgrounds and we honor and respect them all.

Any other questions?

Please be in touch! Email us!