Kitchen Gardens Menu Planning


The NAFANourishes Project has a primary focus on sustainability; it is extremely important to us that each home develop the skills to take on treating malnutrition on their own. The best way to do this is to cut costs and grow pesticide free and organic produce. Every home involved in our project has the option to work with our team and build their own garden. From there, the NAFANourishes Project takes the time work with each children's home to develop a custom meal plan to fit the individual needs of the children and the home as a whole, factoring in their budget, staff constraints and even likes and dislikes. 


Lettuce, Tomatoes, Eggplant Oh My! 


While not the only component, food is a BIG part of moderate acute malnutrition. It is so important that both the homes and children develop the resources to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. By helping the homes to build or maintain a preexisting garden, we can help them grow the produce needed to create that diet. For our homes that do not have the physical space to create an in ground garden, we offer 'kitchen gardens' and work with our team to grow what we can. Regardless, all of our homes take place in our menu planning program which takes into account the specific needs, constraints, and wishes of each home. 



NAFANourishes brings in our trusted gardener to assess the land and create a gardening plan for each home. These range from starting a garden from the ground up to clearing cluttered land to redesign what was thought to be unusable space. By growing our own produce we can make sure everything is pesticide free and organic, providing the kids the best of the best; and giving the homes access to something that would have otherwise been too costly. 


Menu Planning

So much! so much! Goes into our menu planning program. We try to take in to account all of the needs of each home. We think about the needs of the kids - how many children live in the home? How old are they? Do they receive snacks at school? The resources of the homes - Are they growing produce? What is their food budget? and Staff size? Make suggestions on healthier options for snacks and better ways to prepare traditional Nepali dishes. We also factor in the likes and dislikes of the kids, because all children can be picky eaters, no matter where they live!