New Programs


We are a growing community and are always open to engaging with organizations that help us better our program. The NAFANourishes Project's overall focus is improving the lives of the unparented children of Nepal - and focusing on health and nutrition has proven to be the best starting point for doing just that. Along the way, we've learned that it is about much more than food, more than head lice and skin rashes, more than hydration and hygiene. It is about giving these kids one on one attention from an adult they can trust; someone who will tell them that their thoughts, worries and stories matter. It's about making a better tomorrow for them.

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Out-of-Valley Village Workshops

The Nepal Adoptive Families Association always had the dream of moving beyond the Kathmandu Valley. Our newly developed multi-day workshops are the perfect way for NAFANourishes to extend our reach! We partner with a school and government health post in a village, bring our education program to the school and family - planning program to the locals.

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Dental Camps

NAFANourishes has 3 amazing nurses to operate the project full time in Kathmandu, but admittedly, our dental knowledge could be better. Our kids had already been provided toothbrushes and lessons on the importance of brushing twice a day. Now, they need a proper screening; that's where Travel Density Nepal comes in.

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Community Day

We have worked to create a community day, celebrating with our community all we have achieved together. We host these day periodically to break up the work and allow the kids an opportunity to take a break, eat get food, and play. This is also a chance to bring homes together, for staff to meet while the kids hang.