Impact Update

…For all the Number Nerds out there…

Numbers are important and by tracking our impact we can see what change we are really affecting. After three years of dedicated service to the unparented youth of Nepal we have a lot to be proud of, and so do you.

Since our first ever assessment in October 2015 we have been tracking our kids progress.

To date we have worked in 27 homes and with 852 children, 169 staff members. Children living in care centers are always moving and for a variety of reason our datas in based on 582 children.



Malnutrition Treatment 

Every 6 months from the child’s first individual assessment their height and weight is tracked to see growth. Each child receives a 6 month treatment course of a food supplement designed to kick start growth in acute malnutrition children


Height Percentile

Based on Nepal/India growth charts

Weight Percentile

Based on Nepal/India growth charts


Height and Weight - Growth Spurts 

After their 2nd birthdate, a child should grow an average of 6cm per year. As the children start getting the proper nutrients and water intake, we start the see their growth patterns meet that range. Between ages 11 - 15 children should experience a growth spurt* This will only happen if they are receiving the full range of nutrients they need and for NAFA we saw 58 of our children shoot upwards.

A growth spurt is between 8cm and 11cm per one year.


Avg Height Growth

Avg Weight Gain



As our program expands and develops we are moving towards sustainable treatments for malnutrition such as building kitchens gardens and starting livestock programs. Our hope is that by providing the homes with these resources they can better maintain a proper height and weight ratio for a growing child without stressing the homes current financial situations.

To date we have built 6 kitchen gardens and 1 chicken program.

We have upcoming 6 kitchen gardens, 3 chicken programs, and 1 cow program.