Plumpy'Sup Multivitamins



It is easy to see that the vast majority of Nepal's unparented children lack in physical development. Even by Nepali standards (which are different from US norms), the children are small, often looking much younger than their chronological age. This is due primarily to malnutrition. With approximately 5 million people undernourished in Nepal, the country has been facing a crisis since 1996. We believe that is unacceptable, that there is virtually no reason for malnutrition to play a role in 60% of children deaths. Our program is designed with the goal of ending this crisis in Nepal. These kids cannot wait for the world to notice them. 



What's malnutrition? 


Glad you asked! Malnutrition is defined as lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat.  The World Health Organization estimates that 21,600 children in Nepal under the age of 5 die of causes related to malnutrition every year - that's too many kids.* Those children that do survive often have trouble fighting infection and can grow up to be physically stunted and mentally challenged. Treating the problem is often complex; many unparented children are ravaged by parasites, so their bodies do not appropriately absorb the nutritional elements that are available to them. Many of the nutritional supplements used in the developing world have to be mixed with water, and often the water used to deliver the supplements is unclean and ends up tainting the supplement, thus defeating the purpose of the aid itself.



We use a food supplement, Plumpy'Sup, to boost the children we work for above malnutrition range. After each child is assessed we provide Plumpy'Sup daily for six months immediate treatment to every child under the 25th percentile. This adapted diet that allows them to regain a normal nutritional status. The lipid-based nutritional supplement is high in vitamins and mineral content. Costing NAFA around $82USD pre child. 



In Nepal, multivitamins are found in either liquid syrups/drops or powder. Many children will refuses to take it and even ends up vomiting or spilling it. We went on a mission to find a better solution; Chubears! a great tasting multivitamin supplement that is as per Indian requirements (which are very close to Nepali), following major guidelines of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) & IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics). It is totally vegetarian, natural fruit flavored gummy that is healthy and very importantly, affordable. Costing NAFA around $6USD pre child for 6 months.